The Monster Man and His Nightmare

Monster and I have been totally blissed out since Sept. of 2006. We met during a rough period for the both of us. From the very first snarky comment, I had him hooked. Okay, so in truth, it was the other way around. But still...

We began our little journey of BDSM in the Fall of 2007 and haven't looked back since. Through the years there have been lots of experiments and growth for the both of us. He had already been exploring his D side for around three years when we met. He took an innocent and naive girl and turned her into his lil nightmare. From D/s on into the DD/lg dynamic, we have had our share of failures and triumphs. We've found our little groove...and we're stickin' with it.

For all intents and purposes, this blog/journal is a combination of the everyday and the kinkier side of life. Just a mixture of random thoughts and opinions from a quirky girl. There may even be some nuggets of wisdom from the rare and elusive Monster Man.

Fair warning, though, there will be mentions of "Daddy" and other DD/lg related terms in the posts. If you get squicked by this dynamic or it's terms, just remember this...we are both 30+ year old consenting ADULTS. This is the way we live and any snide comments can and more than likely will be deleted. Constructive critisim is one thing, rude closed-mindedness is another.

If you're still with me so far. Have fun and enjoy the weird rambles of a Daddy's girl. :D

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