Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It Isn't Ageplay

I know there's lots and lots of people out there who associate being a "little" with ageplay. For my Monster and I, ageplay doesn't even come close to describing our relationship. Just for a second I am going to describe what the term ageplay (age play, age-play) means to me. And please remember this is my opinion, yours may be different.

My idea of what ageplay is:

    A person or couple that pretends to be a different age. They have a set time for when they are going to be this certain age and maybe even dress up for an ageplay session. When it's all over they drop the act and go back to normal.

Like I said, this is only my opinion on the term. For my relationship with Monster...that doesn't describe how we work. I hate labels, but the closest one for me would be a non-age specific regressive little mixed with a child at heart. But how is this different than ageplay?

First, I have no idea what "age" my little side is. I always just go with mid to late teens. Stuck at 16-ish most of the time. There's no pretending that I am a definite 16, it's just how I am.

Second, we never know when it's coming. Well...the grocery store brings out my younger side. But in a normal day, Monster can't say, be 9. It doesn't work like that for me. If I am not feeling 9 I can't act 9.

Third, Monster doesn't alter into this Daddy persona. It's who he is. His personality. I've been told by 'nilla people, "he's such a Daddy." It's not this role he slips into whenever he wants. Same for me. I am a kid at heart. I never grew out of cartoons, coloring books, and ribbons and bows. I still giggle like mad when people say the names for naughty bits. It's my personality.

Him being Daddy and me being little girl is us. 24/7. No set times for when or how or where. My little side is always there. Just under the surface. Waiting and watching for the thing that pulls it out. A sparkle, a shine, a sound, anything that entices that side of me to come out. If some people label that as ageplay, so be it. I just...don't. I like to think of us as two people with complementing personalities.


  1. That's my impression, and I think Ward's, too. It's more or less a scheduled, planned kind of thing...ageplay. What happens with us is very natural, very organic. I'll see something that triggers a response from my little side. This usually produces a delighted chuckle from Daddy and we just kind of slip into it.

    My idea of ageplay kind of coincides with yours, "I want to play naughty schoolgirl/teacher" or some kind of incest play type scenario. It can involve dress and props.

    With us, it's like you said, a more childlike way of looking at things, things that ignite that sense of wonder. And with Daddy, he is just a guardian kind of person anyway - always has been. But my childlike side draws out his "Daddyness", his equal delight and his own sense of wonder and delight. It's magical :)

    1. Very magical! :)

      Monster and I have discussed ageplay to death. His views are right in line with mine, but we have both been told that our relationship is centered around ageplay. Which I disagree with. He might bring me stuffies and coloring books the way most guys give their girls roses, but that's because I would rather have them. Not because we are engaging in some type of play.

      The only play we scheduled is S&M play.

    2. Yeah I am never little when we are playing. If it starts heading in that direction my little disappears, and it's big me playing. Now funily enough, if I am being scolded or corrected, it is usually little me.

      I think it's simply an erroneous assumption by people who really don't understand the dynamic and assume if you have Daddy that's what you're about.

    3. I have been in little mode when we have played before. But not uber little, more in the early teen age. I thought it would have a negative effect, but in the end, it was a very healing little experience.

      I believe you are right. Lol. That's one of the first things I explain. It's not age play for us. If they understand cool beans, if not...oh well. Lol.


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