Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunburns and Pretty Flowers

I am a bad blogger/group leader. Bad Nightmare, no cookies! :(

Playing catch up now in-between Monster and I building a little sitting area outside and planting pretty flowers. Our Littles group is first on my list to get updated on. Hopefully I can get caught up over the weekend. Keep your fingers crossed. It's so funny, but I miss my little friends in that group like mad when I am gone. It's just full of some of the awesomest peoples ever. After that, I gotta catch-up on my reading. Nosey me, needs to see what's going on with other people. Lol.

But real quick like, I am going to show you all some pictures. Yay! Not dirty ones though, ya perv! Pictures of my pretty flowers and some of the stuff we have been doing. Monster laughed and joked that I made more work for him. A simple little sitting area turned into him cutting down trees in our little forest. Trees that need cut because of where they are, we aren't just chainsaw weilding lunatics chopping down defenseless trees...well...Monster isn't...I'm not allowed to touch the chainsaw or any electrical/power tool for that matter.

While he was busy sawing away, I made a friend! A little inch worm traveled the ginormous universe that is my foot. Idn't he cute!

We had some naughty fun in the forest and it was lovely. There's nothing like hearing, "pull your pants down and lean over that tree." Gets me tingly just thinking about it. ;)

Anyways, we play in the woods and get back to business. Now, we are closer to getting up, at least, the cover thingy. Then we will work on the pretty-pretty decorating and seats and all that fun stuff. Tomorrow I get to go shopping for more flowers! Yay! I am so super excited about that. Can't wait. Let's see what else I can come up with for my Monster man to build.

And now, a few more flower pictures...please ignore the mess. I'm impatient and wanted pictures before we are finished.

Pretty tiny little flowers. They're my mini Alice In Wonderland flowers.


It's my front steps. Not finished yet, but sooo much better looking than it was. Yay! Can't wait 'til we are all finished.

For now, better get my booty in bed, cause I got a pass for staying up late so I could post this. :p Yikes! It's late! More pictures coming soon! Until next time, my lovelies, have a fabulous evening/morning!

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