Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sweet Tooth

Monster is a schmexy beast. This afternoon he was mowing and I watched him. Like the suburban mom checkin' out the gardener. I sat in the shade on my tigger and pooh blankie. My storybook/journal in front of me and I was mesmerized. Intoxicated by the sight. He had his shirt off and was working up a pretty good sweat. His muscles flexed with each push and turn of that mower. I saw those flexers and oh sweet pickles. I thought of those arms flexing around me. The way his muscles ripple in his back when he thrusts. Drool. Swoon. Oh, mylanta I need a cold shower. In the background, Marilyn Manson sings out, "I will break you inside out. You are mine, you are mine." I giggled to myself and thought, "why yes, yes. You are mine."

Then I thought, "well of course he's your's silly." But it's more than that. As much as I belong to him, he belongs to me just as much. He might have the title of Daddy Monster, but he belongs to his lil nightmare girl. I own his heart. We both give each other what the other needs, but putting kink and dynamics aside...we are a couple of oddballs that own each others hearts.

So my mind wanders on to other people. Mostly to those in the M/s scene. Where the owner (or what have you) is the Top/Master/Dom. I have so rarely seen other people admit that their girls/boys own them as well. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places, which is a big possibility, but I don't see it much outside of the DD/lg (Big/little) dynmaics. Is it something that is more common in these types of relationships?

I dunno, but that is where my mind wandered to. Then it just went back to daydreaming about Monster and his sweaty body. And how close we actually live to his parents...who were outside enjoying rain free weather. Who could have heard us. And how close to time for school to be out. Mental groan. "Ahhhh, man! Not fair!" Needless to say, I'm wound up like an eight day clock and bedtime, well, bedtime is too far away.

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