Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day Five: 30 Kinks That Make Me Happy

Yay!! Now for the super naughty fun stuff!!! ;)

  1. Two words: Duct. Tape. I love the smell and the feel and that burn when it gets ripped off. I love how Monster can tape me up so many different ways.
  2. Rope. I love feeling like Monster's little puppet. It's always fun!
  3. Floggers. Those are love! The burn/sting kind more than the thud. I like the thud, but not as much as I love that sting.
  4. Collars and cuffs. I love how they feel when he puts them on me.
  5. Playing out in the woods behind our house. There's just something about being nakie in the woods.
  6. Being led on a leash. Makes me feel pretty.
  7. His hands on my neck.
  8. Crops/slappers.
  9. Suction things.
  10. Clothes pins on my bits.
  11. A certain paddle...but shhh, I tell Monster it's evil
  12. Rope...did I mention it already? ;)
  13. Rough handling
  14. Suprise know, the kind you aren't expecting it and BAM! you're a puddle of girl goo.
  15. His hands on my throat
  16. Threats being whispered in my ear
  17. Being told that I belong to him
  18. Hearing this sentence: Get over here girl. *swoon*
  19. Duct's wonderful stuff
  20. Predicament bondage
  21.  Anticipating the whatever while on my hands and knees
  22. Blindfolds
  23. Naughty uses for every day items
  24. Him pulling my hair and dragging me wherever he wants me to go.
  25. Rope...yeah, I know it's been mentioned...what can I say, I love rope. ;)
  26. Him growling when I dance away from him
  27. His hands, maybe not "kinky" but he can do some wicked, dirty things with those babies!
  28. Monster and all his evil genius
  29. Shower sexcapades
  30. ROPE!! lol!
This was a whole lot harder than I figured it would be. I am so not in the right mindset to be thinking of kinky things, but these are the ones that are pretty close to the forefront of my mind at the moment.


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