Sunday, July 13, 2014

Submissive Writing Challenge #1

Our Dominants teach us so much about ourselves. What is something you’ve taught your Dominant?

This one is truly a stumper.

I want to say that I have taught him what trust really means. As cheesy or egotistical as it might sound, I really believe that he learned what full-out-no-secrets trust is. Something that he has taught me as well.

Before me, he didn't have that one person he could trust with... whatever came up. He relied solely upon  himself and trusted very few, with very little. Now he knows that whatever happens, I'm there and he can talk to me and share his thoughts. He has back-up in his decisions, he has a sounding board, he has someone that keeps his best interest at heart. He's learned that he can trust me with his life, just like I can trust him with mine.

Now bounce over here:

Mortuary Chick

...and check the answer my favorite brat has!


  1. I am so giggling over the label of me being love! lol!

    Trust is such an awesome thing to teach someone. Wonderfully wrote doll!

    Love being your favorite brat. *grin* xxoo!!!

    1. Because you are love, silly!

      It really is. I'm glad we were both able to teach each other how to trust.

      Haha, and I love being your favorite nightmare.


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