Friday, March 30, 2012

10 Day Journaling Exercise: Day Eight

Woo-hoo! Two easy ones in a row!

Day Eight: Three Turn-Ons

    1. Humor. Nothing is sexier than having the ability to make me laugh.

    2. Humility. Knowing you are fallible, human, can and do make mistakes, and admitting it. That's sexy.

    3. Quiet control. If you can make my knees weak without a word...a touch or a look that tells me whose side the power and control lies...I will be left breathless and stuttering.

I know, it's not all sexy butts, amazing eyes, and killer smiles. Honestly, appearance is fine, but mentality and personality means more to me than looks. I'm boring.


  1. Oh golly Ned, yes! I look forward to laughing madly with Daddy (and coincidentally we had a good chuckle over - 'Wait for me!' lolol)

    Daddy is incredibly humble. He'll say he just found out from a friend that another friend "apparently thought I was attractive" - well duh! Daddy is HAWT lol. Or he'll say he prays that he can be the man I deserve---what??? He is the very best man I know! (well, one of the best - Monster is pretty awesome too :) )

    Quiet control ---ahhhh I knew someone else out there understands that. It's palpable, it makes me shiver, the mere presence, the (various) look(s), the touch that makes me fill my lungs, my knees buckle, and my skin race with chill bumps - sigh - so very lovely.

    Daddy could be purple and covered with blue bumps and dandelions, he is the most beautiful person I know.

    1. Lol, Monster makes me laugh on a daily basis. "Wait for me!" was pretty funny, but he is a nut job so I really never know what he is gonna say.

      Yup, I get it. I soooo get it. It's a very lovely thing indeed. :)

      Hahaha, exactly. It doesn't matter what the Monster Man looks like on the outside. He has a beautiful soul (which he will deny) that just captures me.


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