Thursday, March 29, 2012

Words of Wisdom In the Frozen Food Aisle

Trips to Wal-Mart are never boring with my Monster. We go back and forth with witty banter the whole time. When we reached the spices I was picking up bottles and making up goofy uses for them. I grabbed a bottle of some fancy cinnamon stuff, made my comments, and then went to put it back. Me being the short stuff I am, I couldn't reach the top shelf to put it back. Which only ended up with me knocking all the glass bottles over. In front of an employee! I stuck my finger to my mouth, looked up and around, started humming, and slowly made my way out of that aisle. Monster then started yelling "wait for me! Wait for me! Dont leave me here by myself"! Gee, thanks for keeping it inconspicuous Daddy Love.

So we go on about our business. When we hit the frozen food section, I started pretending I was ice skating. Monster, the lovely man, pinches me where butt meets leg to make me stop. I screamed "what the hel----lo!" and turned to glare at him. Some woman who was looking at the food, motioned me over to her. Now, I seem to be the person that older people tend to either reprimand or coddle. So, I really didn't want to go to her. She grabs my wrist and pulls me up against her and wraps her arm around my shoulders. I'm screaming in my head "whoa, personal bubble foul!!" She turns to look at me, with the saddest eyes I have ever seen and says "My husband used to play around with me like that. We've been married for 27 years. He doesn't play like that anymore. You see, he's dying of cancer and I miss those moments. Enjoy these moments while you can."

That was it, I almost broke down bawling in the middle of Wal-Mart. She gave me a gentle squeeze, patted my shoulder, and then smiled and walked away. My heart broke for that woman. The thing is, Monster and I, we have so very few bad moments that the lovey moments far outweigh them. This woman made me realize that not everyone has that. The rest of the time we were there I noticed the other couples. None looked happy, they had no light in their eyes when they happened to look at each other. Monster, he shines. Every time my eyes find his. And thanks to some random stranger at Wal-Mart, I will cherish his looks and actions even more so now, than I did before.

Originally Written: Nov. 2011


  1. I hate made me cry again (well the personal bubble fould made me laugh, but anyway).....meanie..... but really. I say that to Daddy all the time. I both want to be the couple people look at & say 'Gosh, they are so happy! What's the secret?' and feel sorry for the people who don't know how to have that devotion.

    Daddy has that inner light, too. It's what attracted me to him. He is my magnet, he pulls me in, I need to be near him, I need to touch him. And when we are not, I still feel the pull.

  2. Lol, I'm sorry. This is one of my favorite entries so I had to move it over here.

    I can remember being one of those couple that didn't shine. I was envious of those people who did. Now, well now, I know the feeling is as wonderful as it looked.

  3. I read this to Daddy, and it made him misty, too, and got a great big awwww. Yes, being one of those who shines is awesomesauce. Every day it gets brighter & better & sweeter & stronger.


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