Wednesday, March 28, 2012

10 Day Journaling Exercise: Day Six

I am cheating on this, because it was uber hard to narrow it down to just five people. There are so many people that mean the world to me.

Day Six: Five People That Mean A Lot To Me

    1. My Monster
    2. My son and my step-kids
    3. My Momma
    4. My youngest sister
    5. My FetLife Friends


  1. Cheater ;) But I think it works.

  2. lol -funny that Fet gets a link..... wonders if we're "BDSM", fetishists or kinsters.....I refuse to be labelled! lol

    1. I had to lump everyone together. Lol. Maybe I should be doing these twice. One for kink and one for 'nilla.

      Eeek, labels!


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