Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fetish Spankings

The evening started out just like any other night. Kidlet was winding down with a movie and I was playing around on FetLife and talking with a few friends. Monster sat quietly in his chair waiting for the movie to end. I knew what was waiting for me when we went to bed. As the last scene of Megamind came to an end and kidlet was off in lala and, my stomach began to churn. My swat time was drawing near. A nervous excitment washed over me and made time rush forward. One minute I was chatting with friends and the next I was going through my before bed routine.

I went to the lil girl’s room while Monster headed to the bedroom to get ready. I took my time washing my hands making sure to say my ABC’s…twice. Then made extra sure all the soap was rinsed off. After making extra sure that my hands were all washed up, I had to make sure that my hands were dried thoroughly. I looked in the mirror and made some silly faces at myself. I knew that I needed to quit lolly-gagging, so I made my way to the bedroom.

There Monster sat on the bed, patting his lap in open invitation. Before I got to him, he reminded me to strip down to my undies. So off my clothes went. He gave me his “come here” look and I laid myself across his lap. He lays his hand across my bum and asks “are you ready, little girl”. I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and nod my head. He pulls my panties down and my heart speeds up. Inside my head there’s a war going on. One part is reveling in what’s happening, eagerly awaiting that first connection of skin meeting skin. The other, screaming “oh god, this is gonna hurt!"

That first slap echoes in my ears and the cool burn in my body begins. My bum tingles from the sensation. Another lands on the other cheek with a little more force. I count…1,2,3,4,5…my head starts slipping into my happy place. I stumbled in my counting and lose track after 10. Each swat gets harder and my body jerks with overload of sensations. Monster then starts licking his hand before each swat, causing each one to have a little more burn and sting. Tears are running down my face and sweat beads form on my forehead. My body is on fire but my bum feels like an inferno. I am tettering on that line between my happy space and completely over into subspace.

He has gotten me to the point where after each swat the pain causes me to laugh. Just as I’m about to reach the point where I won’t feel the spankings any more, he is done. He lays his hand over my burning cheeks and lightly pats. The warmth of his hand covering my booty makes the tender skin burn just a little more. I look up into his eyes and see the desire. I smile and he returns it. He gives my bum one final swat and flips me off of his lap and tells me to get on all fours...

Originally Written: June 2011


  1. I laugh when I get spanked a lot, too, LOL. I think it just gives him more energy to do it more :P

    1. Hehe, I think it does Monster as well. The laughs and the tears, quite a combo.

  2. I do, too,sometimes *blinks* hows come you think we get the church giggles?

  3. LOL - me too -any excuse for laughter is welcome.


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