Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A New Spanko Game...

The other day I was being a br…..mischievous little girl and was adding fetishes. Just to tempt a friend to add them to her list, because she was getting 1 swat for each one she added. Well, little did I know, that my Monster Man was keeping his eye on my activity on fetlife.

So I just kept adding things and being rambunctious. Monster comes up behind me and whispers in my ear, “how would you like 2 swats for every 1 you add?” My heart kinda thumped and my belly dropped. I did a quick count in my head and added not a one after that. I asked him if he was serious and his response was why not try it and see. So, yeah…he was serious.

I went through the day still being very mischievous. Knowing full well what awaited me at the end of the day.

Random acts of deviance and a sweet and innocent facade, which didnt work, btw. Evening came around and we had a discussion about the swats and if it was just for that day. A fun little game grew out of that discussion.

So from now on… 2 swats for every fetish I add and double if it has a cuss word in it. All collected from Monday through Sunday.

I have a feeling come Monday mornings, my bummie is gonna burn. Silly little masochistic me.

Originally Written: June 2011


  1. And this is why you are a f;uffin' expert at helpin' me make acceptable fetishes :D This game still goin'? *Ponders on the 'Favorite fetish of the person above you' thread.....I don't think I wanna let Daddy see this post.....

  2. Bahaha, my lips are sealed. ;)

    We still do it, but I haven't been on a fet rampage in a while.

  3. Thanks, lol -'specially when he's gone & I get bored & start missing him & how many did I add this weekend???? I'd be toast(ed) ;-P

    1. Lol, there was one week where I just kept adding and adding and adding...wound up with over 100. That was a fun night :)


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