Monday, April 2, 2012

10 Day Journaling Exercise: Day Ten

Last one! And it's the steamiest. Haha, not really, but hope ya enjoy.

Day Ten: One Confession

Let's see...what kind of confession shall I share? Kinky? 'Nilla? Some random fact not many people know? Decisions, decisions...hmmm.

I got it! I will share with you a curiousity confession. Fun! Here goes...I am extremely curious about watching my Monster Man top a pretty boy. Think, emo-ish, girly looking boy. I think it would be hotness. But in all reality, I know it wouldn't ever happen. Lol. The Boss Man isn't into that little curiousity of mine.


  1. Not me, cookie, I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to jealous. The only one I want him topping is me :)

  2. Hahaha, I know what ya mean. It's one of those "in theory" kind of things, but I know it won't happen's hotness.

    1. LOL - Daddy got a good giggle out of my response, he thought it was cute :D (but I meant it...super jealous, like leave a tack in front of the pretty lady's tire kind of jealous)

    2. Bahahaha!!! Oh goodness, I love it! ^.^

  3. We have contract language that addresses others, and there has been some talk, but I must be consulted first and I retain veto rights before anything happens (on this one subject), and frankly, I worry about the after-effects...

    So, a desire, a kink, but likely not a reality. Plus, how do you go about meeting an other? Date someone? One night stand? Prostitute? What? Sigh, the logistics are overwhelming to an old fuddy duddy couple like ourselves.

  4. We used to have the same stuff written out. That was back when there was an active search for a possible play partner. If I didn't really like/trust/respect the other, it wouldn't go past just friends. Same if he didn't click with someone.

    Now, we don't even look. It is overwhelming, especially with all that we have going on right now. Looking for a potential play partner is the furthest thing from our minds.

    As for the m/m action, well, Monster isn't interested in exploring that. Haha, he is hetero to the bone. So this one thing stays a fantasy that gets erotica action only. *I have way too many short stories centered around this theme.*


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