Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sadistic Daddy?

As contradictory as this may sound, it is possible to be both. I know it is something that can be debated to death. There are those that would say that if a Daddy is a Sadist, then he isn't really a Daddy at all. And for those that say that, it is true...for them, but not for me. That's the glory of this crazy world of BDSM and kink in general. You aren't in a cookie cutter relatinship, each one is different and unique. Like building your own sub, (haha) you get to pick and choose what flavors you want. It really is a "to each their own" way to live.

Monster just happens to be a Sadistic Daddy. To me he is truly the perfect Daddy. He nutures, he guides, he's gentle, and he protects. He has my best interest in his mind at all times. He kisses my boo-boos and holds me when the world gets to be too much. Yet, he gets a thrill when say, "owww," but only if it comes from him.

Does it help that I am a little bit of a maso? Haha, very much so. I feed the sadistic side of him as much as I feed the nurturing part. He knows when it's not safe for me and when it is. He doesn't act upon his sadistic desires when he knows I can't handle it emotionally. He is in control of himself when our moods are quite in alignment.

He is a loving, caring Daddy that knows when I need him to make me cry. After all the pain, his tenderness comes out and he kisses and holds me. He wraps his arms tight around me and grounds me when I am flying on that painful, pleasure filled high.

Sadistic Daddies might not be for everyone, but for little maso girls, they are needed and loved.

Originally Written: Jan. 2011


  1. Sometimes you just want to play. Sometimes the need to cry burns, and nothing else will do. You need that purge, and not just anyone can make you cry...only Daddy, because he loves you. Because he knows sometimes before even you know. Because he loves you enough to give you that release. And because he is the only one who can make it better.


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