Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Just want to say...


Okay, phew, glad I got that out of my system. Lol. Today I spent the better part of the day in bed. Either asleep or reading. First thing this morning Monster declared me unfit. I was told to take my meds, lay down, and sleep as much as I could. He did the "Daddy fuss" (feeling my forehead, showing concern over a fever, getting medicine for me to take, and then kissing my forehead). It was sweet and exactly what I needed.

However, I got in trouble when he got home. I hadn't gone to the bedroom and I didn't turn the air conditioner on. Which were two things he told me to do before he left. Good thing I looked pretty miserable. Puffy eyes and a snotty nose seems to be the trick to getting away with stuff. I showed him my cup with Disney Princesses and told him I had at least drank lots of water. Brownie points, yay!

Then he felt my head again and asked what I ate. Darn it! He had to ask that question. I lost my brownie points by telling the truth. I hadn't ate a thing. He pointed to the kitchen, so off I went to eat. Then he said he brought me something. Sprite. And even poured out my water and filled up my cup. After we ate he sent me right back to the couch.

My day passed in and out of sleep. I'd look at the dishes near the sink and just couldn't get up the umph to do them. Then I would pass out again. Lol. So hopefully I will feel better tomorrow so I can clean up my kitchen. You can always tell when I get sick. The house just starts slipping in it's appearance.

I was treated to dinner. By my 7 year old. Which was sweet and adorable. Him and Monster made burgers and let me tell you, the kid has a serious gift when it comes to cooking. Monster mostly supervised while the kidlet seasoned the patties. I was so proud of him. I started thinking about how much alike they are, even though, biologically they aren't related. It's overwhelming at times. It's like he just absorbs Monster's personality and tries to emulate it. It's adorable and at times just...amazingly creepy. Not creepy bad, but creepy because you really can't tell at times that Monster isn't his biological father.

Anyway, rambling away here. Today was here and gone way to quickly. But was at least a semi-peaceful day. Minus the tissues.


  1. He has a good role model. That is yet another reason that I am so very grateful for Daddy. My boys say he is their real Daddy. And they have a good, strong, kind, gentle and honorable man who is genuinely interested in them and their lives and loves them as much as I do, to look up to and learn how to be a man.

    We're lucky little girls.

    1. Same with mine. He says Monster is his real dad. To hear him explain it, I forget he is only 7. Very logical little kid. Guess he absorbed that from Monster as well. Osmosis, lol.

      Very lucky indeed. Finding someone who loves accepts you, lucky. Finding someone who loves you AND your child, awesomeness of epic proportions.


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