Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Purple Crayon

This is a short little erotic story that I wrote a while back. But, before you read it, please keep in mind that it is about a Daddy Dom and his little girl. Both characters are adults and consenting. And not actual Daddy and daughter, yes, it's an ageplay story. :p

Lost in her own little world, a girl lays in the floor. Ear buds in, crayons scattered around her, and her pigtails flopping wildly as she bounces her head to the rhythm she hears. Her legs in the air, cross and uncross at the ankles. Her Monster High coloring book lays open in front of her. Smacks and pops echo the room as she blows her bubble gum. Every now and then she belts out the lyrics to the songs she's listening to.

Silently a man watches. Her short skirt opens to reveal her pink polka dot panties with each uncrossing of her legs. Her thin white shirt has inched it's way up and exposes her lower back. His mind runs through several images of what he could do to her. He plans how he is going to take her. She sings out, "Hearts will sacrifice, it's do or die, this is a rebel love song." at the top of her lungs. He rolls his eyes and shakes his head. A smile forms as he watches and listens. She is completely absorbed in what she is doing that she doesn't notice him moving up to her.

Her hand flys out and reaches for the purple crayon she knew was right beside her. She pats her hand around searching blindly. Her fingers close over a crayon. With a head shake, she tosses the blue crayon to the side. She reaches again and comes back with green. Where in the heck is that purple crayon? She flings her hand out one more time, when the purple crayon gets dangled in front of her face. She scrunches up her nose and sticks out her tongue. Her Daddy laughs and pinches her tongue.

She reaches up for her prized purple crayon. But her Daddy just pulls it further out of her grasp. She strains to reach higher. "Do you want something, Doll?" She shrugs her shoulders and goes back to coloring her Frankie Stein picture. Her Daddy pops an ear bud out of one ear and asks again. Her chocolate eyes roll and she continues coloring. She doesn't need no stinkin' purple crayon. The picture is for Daddy anyway. So if he says something about it being better if she would have used purple instead of blue, well it's his own fault. She reaches up to replace her ear bud and he grabs her wrist. She shoots him an annoyed look. "I asked you a question little girl. I think, maybe you need to answer it." With a sigh she replies. "Yes Daddy. I want my purple crayon." He tuts and waves his finger. "Where have your manners gone? Eye rolls, shoulder shrugs, and exasperated sighs. Is that how a young lady is supposed to behave?"

Defiance radiates from her eyes. Her voice takes on an angelic tone. "No Daddy, young ladies would never behave in such a rude way." She smiles sweetly up at him and returns to her coloring book. He places the purple crayon beside her and watches. With a false triumph she grabs the crayon and begins filling in the dress she wanted to be purple. She looks over her shoulder and smirks at her Daddy. He smiles back and asks, "Do we need another lesson in manners?" A pained look crosses her face. "No Daddy, we do not need a lesson. I can be good." She turns back and looks at her finished page. With a gentle pull she rips the page from the book. She slowly moves and shifts to a kneeling postion. The picture hangs from her hand in the air. Approval of a job well done is her hearts desire. The man takes the offered page and glances at it, before lying it back down on the floor.

Her disappointment is evident. "Daddy, don't you like your picture?" she asks in a broken voice. "It's lovely, but I think I would rather have something else at the moment." Her heart races and she looks at him with uncertainty. "Another picture?" He shakes his head no and looks into her eyes. Caught in his stare she remains still. She waits for him to tell her what he is wanting. After several minutes of just looking at one another the man asks her to color him another picture. Her eyes flutter closed and she nods. In a smooth movement she lies back down on her belly. The skirt sits just above the bottom of her butt. Her panties no longer hidden by the short material. A burning need courses through the man.

He won't let her know what that innocent look does to him. Trying to control the throb in his pants he starts talking to her. She answers in short, polite replies while she colors. His hands slowly inch towards her thigh. "May I please put this back in my ear," she asks without looking at him. He nods his answer and she pops the ear bud back in. The page she colors shows her mood. Dark, thick lines are pressed into the page. Crayon marks outside of the lines. He laughs at her obvious annoyance. As she colors, she begins to get lost in her world again. Lyrics whisper past her lips. Soon, she forgets that her Daddy is even sitting beside her.

Warm fingers caress her butt cheek. Tracing the line of her panties. A fire forms in her belly, but she continues to ignore him. His fingers move along the cotton barrier and stop when he reaches her sweet spot. Moisture has absorbed into the thin material. With a gentle slide, he moves her panties to the side. Her crayon slashes across the picture. Whispered words die on her lips. Cautiously, she looks over her shoulder. Their eyes meet. His sparkle with lust and desire. A small, excited shiver ripples through her body. The air is perfumed by her arousal. "Daddy, I thought you wanted me to color you another picture." He nods slowly and smiles. "I do. What makes you think I have changed my mind?"

His finger moves down and parts her lips. Her trimmed hair clings together. Slick wetness covers his finger as he gradually inserts it inside of her. A soft moan escapses her. Shaking fingers scribble on the page. In a soft rhythm he moves his finger in and out. Her breathing quickens and the crayon falls out of her grasp. Inwardly the man is engrossed by the sight. Eyes closed, head tilted back, she gets lost in a different world. Her earphones slide out of her ears and fall to the floor. Unconsciously her hips start to move and match his pace. Fingers dig into the soft carpet. He brings her close to the edge and slows his motion. Pure need pulsates through his body. With a heavy sigh, he withdrawls his finger. Coated with her juices, it glistens in the light.

"What is this?" He asks, as he puts his finger in front of her. A rosey blush warms her face. "I don't know Daddy." She turns her head away, embarassed by what she sees. "Look at me little one." He grabs her chin and turns her face to his. The wetness on his finger smears on her cheek. "Look at me. Look and see what you," he nods toward his lap, "do to me. Be a good girl and clean Daddy up." He places his finger against her lip. Her eyes widen, unable to believe what he is telling her to do. Softly, he traces her lip with his finger. "Taste it, Doll. Taste your sweetness." Her tongue darts out and makes a quick swipe. "Good girl. Now turn over so Daddy can have a taste." Slowly she rolls onto her back and props herself up on her elbows. Her eyes watch as he moves between her legs. "Now, Little Miss Attitude, let's see if we can change your behavior."

He lowers himself to the floor. Arms hook under her knees and pull her closer to his head. He nuzzles her soaked panties with his nose. "Ahh, Doll, so excited for Daddy." He softly croons. Her knees tremble. His teeth brush against the soft cotton. Gently he bites her through the material. Her whimper echos in his ear. His thick tongue licks the juice that permeates her panties. "When Daddy asks you a question, what are you supposed to do?" His breath warms her through the wetness. "Aaan...answer you." she stutters out. He smiles up at her. "Yes, Love, that's right. And do you shrug and roll your eyes when you don't get your way?" He continues to tease her through his questions. Gentle bites turn to full mouth massages against her lips. "Nnnnnoo. Daa..aaddd..y." Her voice comes out in a ragged whisper. One arm unwraps from her knee and moves to her pelvic bone. His big hand traces the edge of the material. Around the leg and down to her butt cheek. Gentle strokes are made up and down, then he pulls her panties to the side. He moans softly as he stares at the desire that puddles out of her. He lowers his head closer and takes a long, slow taste.

The contact of his tongue against her clit shatters her. Her hips buck in an uncontrollable spasm. She reaches out a hand and rubs his hair. He growls against her. The vibration sends shivers down her spine. He moves his finger back inside of her and curls it. He hits her spot and sends her flying. His tongue works on her hard nub. With slight force he works another finger into her. He torments her with a slow and steady rhythm. Closer and closer, he pushes her to the edge. "Daddy" she sighs out. "Oh god Daddy.....faster....please faster." He shakes his head and keeps his slow pace. Her legs stiffen and her insides tingle. He raises his head to look at her. The white shirt strains against her pointed nipples, face flushed, her lips parted. "Oh no, girlie, you aren't allowed to cum yet. I seem to remember a certain someone having an attitude." Fire flashes in her eyes. "Please Daddy, I will be good. Please. I promise." She whimpers and pouts.

"No." He replies as he shifts to his knees. "Now get on your hands and knees. Face away from me." He swats her thigh to get her moving. Trying hard not to let out a defeated sigh, she moves into position. He rubs her butt and pushes her short skirt up onto her back. "What do rude girls get for bad behavior? Hmm?" His smile can be heard in his voice. "Spankings" she says in a resigned tone. "That's right, Doll." He raises his hand, pulls her panties down and slaps one cheek. Redness blossoms on her light skin. Pain shows on her face. Another slap, harder than the first. Her skin burns as he continues the swats.

"How are young ladies supposed to behave?" Another slap, no answer. "Doll, I asked you a question." Quivering lips push out, "With respect, grace, and poise." He lands another slap on her backside. "That's right. And is it respectful to ignore your Daddy?" She shakes her head no. "Words, Love. Use your words." Behind her she hears him move. Her butt cheeks burn with an intense fire. "No, Daddy. It's disrepectful to ignore people." She looks over her shoulder and watches as her Daddy unzips his jeans. He raises his eyebrow and motions for her to face forward. "Right. Is it graceful to shrug your shoulders or roll your eyes?". He pushes his boxer-briefs down to expose his stiff cock. With a nudge, he pushes her legs apart to gain better access. "No, Daddy." disappointment in herself resonates. Her breath comes out in a rush as her Daddy pushes into her. "Good girl. Do bad girls get to cum for Daddy?" His grabs her hips and thrusts deep inside.

The assualt leaves her wordless. Heavy breathing and the lovely sound of skin pounding against skin is all that can be heard. "Little girl, question. I'm waiting for the answer." His voice is husky and laden with desire. "No, Daddy." she whispers. "Say it Doll. No Daddy, bad girls do not get to cum. Say it." She moans. Partly out of pleasure and partly because she doesn't want to repeat his words. His pumps slow and he grabs onto her hair. "I'm waiting, Love." In a rush the words tumble out of her. Harder and faster, he sets up a punishing tempo. Their labored breathing bounces of the walls. Sweet smells of sweat and her arousal engulf them. "Ask Daddy if you can cum. Beg for it my little doll." Each word is punctuated with a snap of his hips. "Please Daddy." She pleads. "Please Daddy, what?" He asks. "Better hurry, Doll. I might change my mind." She can't tell whether he is teasing or being honest. In a jumble of words she begs. "Daddy...please, let me cum...please."

"Oh Love, I know you can beg better than that," he grunts out. "Let me hear how bad you want that release." Her body tenses, her orgasm is close to erupting, but she knows that she won't until he approves. He has conditioned her well. "Daddy, I'm gonna...please...ohhhh goooood, please....I need to." He pushes harder. "Better. But not good enough." On a hoarse groan she pleads. "Daddy, may I please cum." He swats her thigh and pulls her tighter against him. "Such dirty words, coming from such sweet lips." he sings out. "Ahh, Doll. Go ahead. Cum. Cum for Daddy." Without hesitation she let's go and floats on a current of ecstasy. Her body convulses, muscles tighten around him, her climax pours out of her. Hearing and feeling her orgasm, his own bursts from him. Spent, he stretches over her back and whispers in her ear. "Weren't you supposed to be coloring me a picture?"

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