Sunday, April 22, 2012

They would still be the same

Fair warning, this is not kink related and could be taken as a mild rant. Monster hears this speech...a lot. But when you believe something to your very core, you can get quite het up about it.

My non-kinky rant: What if your kid, niece/nephew, brother/sister, whatever relation, told you they were gay/lesbian/bi? Like this really matters? If one of my kids said, "hey mom, I think I might be gay." It wouldn't change who they are as a person. My son, the crazy critter that he is, would still be my son. If he was gay, good for him. If he's not, well, good for him. I'm his mom, my main goal in this life is to raise a healthy, happy child. If being with another guy made him happy. Well...who am I to judge that? It's his choice, not mine.

I hate when this topic comes up. I really do. Nothing spoils a family visit like someone dropping the "gay" bomb. The whole, "oh my kid better never tell me they're gay. Oh, did you hear, so-and-so's kid just got arrested for intent to distribute. I recommended an excellent attorney." I sit there and think...seriously? Really? Seriously? So you're saying it's okay for your kid to grow up to be a meth-head, tweaker, rapist, serial killer, but heavens forbid they grow up to like the same sex. When I get that expectant stare that says I should agree, I just can't. I'll shake my head, say I would rather them be happy with the same sex, than miserable and lost with the opposite sex. It drives me bonkers that people can't see past gender. That's when I get the bug-eyed, alien stare. Like I sprouted another pair of arms or a third eye.

Then it always seems to move to boys dressing like girls and vice versa. Tell me, please, how this matters. I know that my opinion differs from most people, but just because most of the time I am outnumbered, doesn't make my opinion wrong. Just different. It irks me when I get wrote of as being argumentative just for the sake of arguing. Like it's really this big joke. When really, to me it's not a joke. I am dead serious. Sexual preference isn't a big deal, it's how their S.O. treats them that would matter to me. Head pats and the, "oh but your son is still young, you'll change your mind once he grows up." And I ask, how? And I ask why? In 10 years, how is my son's sexual orientation going to be a bigger concern? Is he being safe? Is it reciprocal? Those questions matter more. I could care less if it's a boy or girl. I would want him to be happy with his decision. Using safety precautions. Responsible. Not being pressured or not pressuring the other into it. Alas, I am either too young (Uhhh, okay?), being difficult, or just not normal. I'm woo-woo crazy.

It just bugs me when people can spend hours talking about what a shame it is. What is the world coming to? Blah, blah, blah. Ohhhhh, the hoooorrrrrrrrror!! Haha, whatever. Ask me how I feel about rapists and ax murders, maybe then we would have the same opinion. Until then, I wish people would leave the whole same sex thing alone and focus on what matters more. Like when the next mud fight is gonna be.


  1. The love of a parent is unconditional (ha-ha - that's why you & me have Daddies!). I would rather my boys be unconditionally loved, happy & treated like kings than have a beautiful woman who treats them like snot.

    Are they basing their opinion biblically? If so have they read Matthew 19:03-12? The conditions which in various translations are encompassed by Jesus' use of 'eunuch' (the term in that time for homosexual people) are people GLBT from birth or made so due to the actions of others upon their bodies, and that marriage - union of man and women - is impossible for them.

  2. "I would rather my boys be unconditionally loved, happy & treated like kings than have a beautiful woman who treats them like snot."


    I think part of it is a biblical issues, but part is just the fact that they weren't raised with sexual preference being an okay thing. I know everyone has their opinions and are entitled to them. I just don't like how mean hearted people can get towards me and a hypothetical situation. It's brief, but their looks do change when they look at my kids. Like just by saying what-if, it changes my kids for an moment.

    Thanks for that reference to the bible, I will have to remember that. :)

  3. You're welcome :) I like to stir the pot, lol - better be careful - that might not be a good thing - however - I think Daddy wouldn't be too awful upset.

    1. Lmao, he is the master at stirring the pot when it comes to this. :D

  4. I follow a guy in my other life (ha) called Single Dad Laughing who wrote a series called, "I'm Christian unless you're gay." Every time he posts a follow-up (because the reverberations go on and on), I think, oh man, I am sick of this and want to go back to his fun stuff, but then I go there and I read and I cry. Recommended if you haven't seen it.

    Funny line from What Happens in Vegas (movie), "Gay people aren't ruining marriage - you people are."

    Good post.

    1. Kitty, thanks so much for that recommendation. I hadn't ever seen his writing before. Such a wonderful little bit of writing.

      I loved that line from What Happens In Vegas, it just clicked when I heard it. :)


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