Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I'm crafty...And other boring news

I have been so horrible with keeping things updated. We were disconnected from the interwebs for a while. I missed being able to check on my littles group on FetLife. They are a bunch of crazy littles that I <3 dearly. I am so glad we have such great mods in there. They kept it up and going during my little unplanned hiatus.
While I was gone I played with my sewing machine. I had the brilliant idea to make library bags for me and the kids to take along during Summer Reading. I am so proud of how they turned out, that just have to share pics with you all.

My scribbley, quotey bookworm bag. This is the front side.

I just couldn't leave it blank. It looked kind of funny all empty and sad. Honestly, I had a ton of quotes I wanted to put on it. But I ran out of room.

My step-daughter's made me grrr quite a bit. I love how ruffles look, but I always wish I never started them when I add 'em to things. Her's wasn't too bad though. Since they were bigger.

Then I made one as a surprise for my very bestest friend, Juniebug. She doesn't have it yet, but I just had to show it off.

So, there is what I did wth scrap material and no internet connection. Now it fueled the fire and I keep dreaming up other things to make.

Other than my craftiness, things have been a mixture of slow and chaotic. Kids have been out of school for a month and our play times have been put on hold. Funny how having kids home all day long will wear you out enough, that come bedtime all you can think about is sleep.

In other exciting news, we will be able to get down to my hometown for the 4th of July celebrations and my birthday. A whole week of dealing with my family instead of his. Lol. I can't wait! :)


  1. They are beauteous - but you knew that! I love my rainbowy colors & sparkles :)

    1. Thank you big muches, Juniebug! Glad that you like it. :)


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