Friday, June 1, 2012

What makes him a great Daddy Dom

In the little's group I run on FetLife, a new discussion was started asking what people thought a Daddy should be. It was a coincidence, because while we were playing Cellar Dwellers this week, I passed the storms writing out what my thoughts were on what makes Monster a great Daddy Dom.
    Going to start this with a small disclaimer:

    These are what my Monster is. I'm not saying it is a standard that has to apply to all Daddies. Just mine.

My Daddy Should Have...

He understands that some times I need a moment, to take a step back to re-evaluate. His presence may be felt, but he will give me, my room. He wil help me when I am struggling and won't get frustrated when I just don't get it. He knows that there are times when opening up might be a little hard. He doesn't poke and prod or heckle to get me to hurry it up already.

He is a person I can confide in. I can trust him with the most fragile bits of myself. He gives me actions as well as words to prove that I can trust him.


He will not lie to me. I can trust in his word and know that he won't placate me. He has his word and his word means everything. If a situation comes up he will be there to give me his thoughts/opinions/concerns/advice. In return for his honesty, he expects the same from me.


He doesn't like his girl to suffer. Unless it's during play, then he likes to me watch writhe, beg, and cry. He wants to alleviate my sorrow and provide a soft place to land. He has my best interests at heart and will lead with those in mind. My pain is his pain. And he will do the best he can for me. He expects the same from me.


He will be constant in his guidance. He provides structure and follow through. He will not waver in his support and will correct me when I need correction. I can depend on him and he can depend on me.


He is a man with a moral code, who has a good sense of right and wrong.


He's got my back. I know that he will be there for me. Not just through the good times, but the bad as well. He will help me when I ask and will offer his advice. He will be there for me when it comes to making decisions. When it comes time to be beside me he will be. When I need do something on my own, he will be waiting for my return. He will be my foundation that grounds me.

    My Daddy will love me, past all my faults and flaws. He will see past the girl the rest of the world sees.

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