Wednesday, August 1, 2012

He gets me...

As some of you all know, Monster and I have been away from home for a month. Didn't plan to be gone that long, but we have been. Not a big deal, but it kind of puts a cramp on our sex life. Yes, this post is gonna be about sex. Quickie sex. Mean and evil and delicious quickie sex. :)

I've been somewhat good today. Had dinner started (thank goodness for crockpots), laundry done, kitchen cleaned, and the regular stuff I would do at home is done. Just as I was in the room we are staying in getting clothes for my shower, Monster walks in and locks the door. I found what I was looking for and started to get off the bed. He walks to me and pushes me back. That evil gleam in his eye. A smile on his face. A small growl rumbles in his chest and I look up. He stood over me and the look he had, turned my legs to jelly. The bed makes the slighest of sounds as he crawls up my body. I whisper, "the door."

He smiles as he raises my shirt and whispers back, "locked." Perky little nips stand at attention ready for him. His tongue dances around before he sucks one in and bites down. My moan comes out louder than I meant, so he covers my mouth with his hand. He has such lovely hands. Big and strong. His free one moves between my legs and rubs through my clothes. Instant puddle. With a sigh, he raises up on his knees and unbuttons his jeans. His man bits are all hard and throbbing and ready. I feel my eyes roll up and my insides tighten, just waiting for that first contact. With rough hands he pulls my shorts and panties to the side and slams inside of me. It. Was. Incredible. That long awaited penetration. A weeks worth of waiting, craving, and aching. He lets out another growl and puts his hand on my throat. Then attacks my chest. Teeth and tongue. Biting, sucking, and licking.

Then in his sex growl he whispers in my ear, "Who do you f**king belong to?" Oh gawds, the climax is close. Those words are always get me. He doesn't let me answer, his fingers trap my jaw bone. I love when he does that. Holds my throat, but still manages to keep me from talking, his fingers keeping my jaw immobile. His hips thrust harder and harder. He continues whispering in my ear. That menacing tone explaining everything that is going to happen to me when we finally get home. Threats and promises. Glorious promises!

In a gruff voice he warns me that playtime is almost over. With a final hard, deep thrust I feel him twitch inside of me. That warmness slowly starts to seep down my lips and pool in my bunched up shorts. He raises up, slaps my thigh and says, "Go shower." A small whine escapes my lips. My eyes were glazed and my bits were cramping intensely. On the verge of orgasim and throbbing with the need to release. I whimper and lift my hips. My way of asking for release. "Go shower." I let out a sigh and get up, fix my shorts, and head to the door. As I get closer to leave, he grabs my wrist and tells me, "Don't forget to pay special attention to a certain area." A huge grin breaks free and my eyes get huge, "do you the shower..." I lower my voice and add, "I can double click my mouse?" He laughs, swats my butt, and pushes me out the door. I'm still waiting for his answer. "Daddy Monster...does it? Can I? 'Cause I realllllly need to now." With a nod he confirms it. A skip in my step and an eagerness to shower, I head to the bathroom. Thinking of how much fun I will have thinking of him and letting the water and my fingers take care of urgent business.


  1. Control is an wonderfully intoxicating thing. I wonder if it feels as good for the same way...or if they experience it differently. *Grins* it is delicious!

    1. Verrry delicious!

      I have asked him before what he feels when we get like that. His response was just a wicked grin. Maybe someday I will convince him to write out his thoughtss on it.

    2. lol, Daddy does the same thing - how's come we gotta be forthcoming? lol


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