Friday, August 24, 2012

Updates and other verbal spewage

We've been home for three weeks now. There's lots going on, but not much that is really blog worthy. Read that as: nothing interesting. Ever have those moments where you feel like the most boring person in the world? I am short on kinky topics to write about, but if you wanted to know about intellectually challenged ex-wives, I could share boat loads of stories.

Speaking of stories, Monster showed me a wonderful website and app for my phone. It's for amateur writers and bookworms. He even convinced me to share some of the stuff I have written. Insert shameless self plug here! If you're bored and want to read some craptastic writing check me out.

I have a confession. The biggest reason for my non-blogging, is my inability to comment anywhere on blogger. It makes me feel like a turdface because I can't comment on posts, not even mine. So the drive/want/desire to even log onto gone. It aggrevates me to no end. I read an awesome blog and I can't even give the author a thumbs up. I have tried all the tricks I have found and it still will not let me comment.

I have flip-flopped between deleting this blog and moving back to wordpress or continuing on like I can comment and just seeming like a self-centered snob that is too good to acknowledge anyone's thoughts and opinions. If I move everything over to wordpress, I lose the fee followers I have now. And that thought makes me sad. I love my followers, they are smart and awesome people. But, even if I moved to wordpress, I *still* couldn't comment on the blogger blogs I follow. Which bites big, hairy donkey bits. So it's a vicious cycle of I could do this or that or maybe just quit blogging altogether and just keep my random writing bits on my fetlife profile.

So...that's where I am at on all of this. I just do not have a clue on what I should do.


  1. Why can't you comment? That s so sad :(

  2. Have you checked your settings? If you are private (in your profile set-up) then you may not be able to comment. Obviously you can post though, so not sure. But whenever I hide my profile, I can't comment anywhere either. Also, make sure it says your name in the top right hand corner when you are on a blogger blog. Just because you came over from a blogger page doesn't mean you are signed in. Some of my frustrations.

  3. Grrr That is so aggravating! Where is a computer fairy when you need one?


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