Friday, September 7, 2012

I'm 'nilla and I know it

The post where I ramble about a bunch of stuff.

I miss my blog! I really do, it might not show, but I do. The no commenting ticks me off, but I think I may have found a way around that. It'll take a little bit more effort, but it will still keep my blog active. And that is a plus...well to me it is. Lol.

So what is my brilliant plan?

Instead of replying to each comment like I had been doing, I am going to save the commenting back for Sunday's (depending on whether there are actually comments to reply back to) and make them into one whole post. Haha, take that evil, anti-commenting abilities!

Next, for the blogs I follow, I will do kinda like a review deal, where I post my thoughts on the ones that I want to comment on. It's brilliant! Why didn't I think of this before!?! I feel like I should be singing the Tinman's part in Wizard of Oz!

"If I only hadda brain..."

There has been an ebb in the kink area of our life. Monster's Mom's back went out and I spent two weeks taking care of meals, cleaning, and helping her out. It was all good, except sometimes I just wanted to be home. Even if it's only right next door. I missed being in my habitat.

One evening while cooking dinner, I had music going on my phone. That's a normal part of my day. Music is always going. So there I was bouncing around in their kitchen singing along to "Casual Sex" by My Darkest Days and his dad wheels into the kitchen and goes, "wth are you listening to?" I laughed and said, "music, silly!"

I love my father-in-law, I truly do. He is one of my most favoritest people in the world. He looks at me and goes, "that is not music." And...I....stuck my tongue out at him. *facepalm*

Yes, my dear readers, I had a serious case of 'little withdrawls' and it sprang up at the wrong time. Thankfully, my f-i-l thinks I'm adorable and just laughed. But I felt horrible! And apologized like crazy afterwards. Lol

It led to Monster setting a good hunk of the evening and allowing me that 'little time' I didn't realize I was needing. He's so smart!

On to exciting stuff!

I have braved the wattpad waters and posted a story I have been writing on and off for the past year. I was sooo fluffin' nervous and worried that I would be flamed like crazy. The first night I posted, I was so freaked, I couldn't sleep. I debated deleting it and pretending I never posted it. Seriously. Freaked. Out!

Monster, being the patient and understanding Beast he is, told me to hold out. Wait and see what happens. So, I did. And now I have a total of 132 reads and 11 votes! HOLY MOTHER OF AWESOMESAUCE, BATMAN! People are reading...and they are liking it. It shocks and amazes me. I know at some point the haters will trickle in, but seeing that there are people that like it...well that makes it seem easier to deal with the possible negative comments.

I'm speechless...see....


It just makes me super happy that someone out there likes the words that I spew forth. Lol.

Alright I have rambled enough to put a person to sleep. Until next time! Which will hopefully be soon! Lots of love to my followers and whoever else may be reading this! Have a wonderful weekend full of kink and love. :)

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