Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Submissive Writing Challenge #3

I thought I would never [BLANK] but I did and here’s the story!

I've stared at this screen and watched the little cursor blink, I don't even know how many times, and still have no idea what I what to put as an answer for this. There are quite a few things that I never thought I would do, but Monster changed a lot of them.

I could say I never thought I would be a happy critter again, but that's already been covered in previous posts. Plus, it's a little cheesy and kind of going the easy way.

And who wants to do things the easy way? *eyeroll*

I could say I never thought I would give control of myself over to some one else, but I couldn't really write a shorter answer for that.

I know! I got it!

I thought I would never squirt but I did and here's the story!

A bit of back-story first.

When Monster and I first got together, during the first few times we had sex, I would tell him we needed to stop because I had to pee. We'd stop, I'd go to the bathroom, but nothing would happen. The urge to go would somewhat disappear and I would go back to him. Only, I'd have that urge to go again. It annoyed me to no end, but I fought against that urge and tried to enjoy what was happening.

It wasn't every time we had sex, but when it did, I would hurt for a while after we were done. This continued on for months.

Then one night while we were in the middle of some really intense play, I started getting that feeling again. I begged Monster to let me up, to stop what he was doing, because I had to go. NOW! But he just smiled at me and said, "Just go."

Heh, no.

I kinda thought he was a little weird after that. I mean, hello, younger and more naive. Watersports wasn't my thing and thinking it was one of his had me looking at him like he had grown a third nipple. But I was also pretty deeply in love with the guy, so I brushed it off as something to discuss later.

More time goes on and one night while having coffee and going over my "Daddy can we please try this" list, he says I need to add squirting to that list. I just kind of stared at him. I honestly had no idea what he was talking about. Squirting was what waterguns did, not people.

Yes, I know this makes me sound like a massive dingbat. xD

That one comment got us talking about the topic for quite a while and him showing me videos of what it was.

So it began, my mission to learn how to let go of that taboo feeling of not peeing in a toilet. I never thought I would get past the unbearable urge to pee.

Jump to about a year ago, we were in bed, he had turned me into this quivering little mess of girl goo before him, and that urge hit me. And hit me harder than ever before. I didn't even have time to think about what was happening or to control the urge. It hit and I exploded.

A small pond formed underneath me on the bed and I just kept going, again and again. Monster building it up and then growling in approval when it would happen. Needless to say, by the end of that session, I couldn't even speak. I was reduced to mumbled, slurred grunting responses.

Since that one night, I've gotten over that feeling of shame or taboo, and can easily let go when that urge strikes. And, we've gotten used to putting multiple towels under me when he intends on making me squirt during a session.


  1. I am still staring at the cursor for this challenge. lol! But I loved yours! This was so well written, the humor and sexiness had the perfect balance! I giggled and squirmed, all in one. Perfect post! And I think any girl who has finally accomplished this (I am one of them as well), probably will do as I did, and nod along during reading. lol


    1. You can do it! *nods lots* You got this. :D

      That humor, lol. But seriously... yeah. That feeling was so annoying, so glad that it's not there anymore.

  2. I remember when I first squirted. I don't remember having the feeling of being to pee, but remembered it just "squirting" out of me. Ever since, a play didn't occur where I don't squirt. It's His mission to mange me squirt/gush more than the last time. He knows exactly where to hit. He's pretty certain that the blankets and bed are not dry in the morning (we meet at hotels). So glad you finally let go.

    1. That's awesome! :D

      Me too, now it's like a craving that never fully goes away. That feeling is just too amazing.


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