Thursday, July 17, 2014

Survey Me

Yikes, there's some things that this survey is making me be more open about. Now, I realize how much I have been hiding from everyone before now. Oh well, fresh start and all...Kind of tired of keeping the secret anyway.

1. Your role?
- Little girl, submissive, and recently acquired the title of Evil Mistress/Mommy (Kind of complicated explanation on this one. I really need to blog about that. x_x)
2. Current relationship?
-Married to my Monster and playing with a very special little MtF (Marking down a note to write about this at a later date.)
3. Your favorite type of play?
-Anything that has a nice mix of S&M.
4. Your most hated type of play?
-I can't really think of one. Everything I have tried, I have enjoyed. Maybe scat... it isn't something that I would ever try.
5. The most annoying habit of your owner/slave/whatever you call your SO?
-Monster does this thing where he tickles me, relentlessly, knowing that tickling kind of annoys me. (And I know you're reading this Monster, and you know it annoys me. Looooooove you!)
6. Your deepest fear?
-Death. Losing the people that I love most. They are all vital bits to my existence, without them I would be totally lost.
7. Your most memorable public experience (or what you would like to do in public)?
-No public experience. I like to hide away at home waaaay to much.
8. What gets you in the mood?
-Rain. Bites on the shoulder. Monster.
9. Favorite method of masturbation?
-Does mutual count as an answer? 
10. Scariest thing you’ve seen or heard of in BDSM land?
-I can't really say, maybe the story that one of our... Hrm... I don't know what to call her. She was a girl that we talked to a loooooong time ago that was the first failed attempt at finding a third. Ex? Bleh! Anyway, she told us a story about her ex that was pretty frickin' scary. But, I'm not going to retell her story.
11. Number of hours you spend on Fet when you should be doing other things?
-Two years ago, I would have said more than I could count. Now, I'm good to check in weekly. Except when I'm talking to Mortuary Chick, then there is a tab open for it. Side-note: It's hard to back into it when you are starting over with a new profile.
12. Thing that was hotter in fantasy than it was in reality?
-Hmm... I can't really answer this one. Every one of my fantasies were hotter in reality. *shrugs*
13. Most longed-for experience?
-Having that perfect girl that just clicks with me and Monster. The happy little poly-family feeling.
14. Ouchiest toy?
-There's a flogger that Monster made that stings like a mother bear. It's made out of this really soft, but really sturdy rope/cord/stuff, and oh sweet pickles it's so ouchie, but oh so wonderful.

{Edited to add: Monster has informed me that the flogger is made out of paracord with lashed ends. Heh, who knew...}
15. Book or movie that every newbie has to read/see?
Book: The Dark Garden by Eden Bradley 
Movie: Secretary. (One of my favorite movies)
16. Thing you’d like to change about yourself?
-My self-doubt. It's always there, no matter how high I can build myself up. One little thought and the dragon gets released to wreak havoc.
17. Thing you’re most proud of?
-My kids. And the relationship that Monster and I have. Not to brag, but we're pretty awesome together.
18. Funniest dom name you’ve ever heard?
-No idea. I joke around and sometimes call Monster, Master Yoder. That's a funny name.
19. Do your family and friends know?
-I have one friend from high school that knows, and thanks to us is very, very into the kink world. Other than that. Nope, but I think one of my aunt's has suspicions about us...


  1. Lol, yep.. not surprised. We describe things differently, but a lot of our answers along with 6 and suggested movie are very similar. I think you're my kink soul mate! lol

    Oops I've been hiding stuff made me grin. lol.


    Oh, and same here on the Fet tab! lol. Starting new is hard, and it's always hard also to get back into it when you've been gone for so long. I'm SO struggling with that, to the point where I haven't even been bothering to try 'cept to talk to you. :)

    1. Lol, going over and reading mine, I realized that we do have quite a few similar answers. I believe you just might be right. :D

      Heh, I'm so horrible with my hiding stuff. Working on my not hiding stuff post now.

      Oh Fet... It can be such a dizzying place. I don't think I have been this active on there in a year. Even if it is just talking to you on there. Lol. You're worth checking Fet for! xD

    2. Hehe! :) I love it... seriously. :))

      It takes time to get to the point of not hiding things.. getting to a place where you stop worrying about what other people will say/think, when we care about them. I still find myself questioning myself every time I post, on,eeee, should I post that?? Now that we're not hiding anymore, I have no idea who all is reading. But trying to just go with it, and not worry about it. If they cannot accept me/us for who we are, then, it's best to know that. :) You're doing a good job, I'm proud of you!

      LOL, same here. Aside from a few pics, I am so not active on there, and struggle to be so. You're worth it also! If it'd be easier, we could always email. lol May be quicker. hehe


    3. That is so true. So very, very true. I go through a short moment of panic every time I click publish. Not just here, but on my Wattpad as well. Sharing that little bit of... me, with strangers... friends... other people in general, can be so overwhelming at times. Which makes hiding stuff so much easier. But I'm trying to get over that, little bit by little bit.

      Fet is fine with me, it kind of makes me at least think of coming out of my shell (again) and braving the waters. I don't know what is holding me back from there this time around. Lol. I've turned into a huge scardey cat there.


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