Monday, March 12, 2012

10 Day Journaling Exercise: Day One

This has been shamelessly stolen from FetLife. I figured it would be a fun little journaling exercise to do.

Day 1: Ten things I want to say to ten different people right now.

    1. It's Dominant. Not Dominate. You dominate a person. You possess a Dominant personality. My Monster Man is a Dominant man and dominates me in wicked ways. *Sorry, but this bugs me immensely.*

    2. I love you more than you will ever know or could ever comprehend. I need you in ways, I don't even understand. You're mine forever and ever. Ha, guess you're stuck with your nightmare.

    3. I honestly don't get how you can send me chain mail texts, but you can't send one to ask how your offspring is.

    4. In what universe is it okay to let your 13 year old walk around, by himself, in a town that the majority of traffic is truckers? Sorry, but I just don't get you.

    5. Don't worry, I got this. I'm an anteater.

    6. Hahaha, I made twice bakes and you weren't here to eat any. :P

    7. Listen mah sweetness, don't sweat the negative nay-sayers. They don't matter and will never try to understand you. For people like you and me, kid, we're just to amazingly wonderful for all that noise. We are just too awesome for them to even comprehend. It takes another awesome person to be able to...get you and be like...."hey I like the way you think". The others, it scares them. Makes them feel intimidated and uncomfortable. To those, we shine with a light so bright, they have to turn away. For fear of blindess and confusion. So love yourself for who you are. Life is beautiful.

    8. So moron, it was my dog that was killing your chickens?

    9. You're the mom that I try to be. :)

    10. You think I'm weird, I think you're a boring stick in the mud. At least when I'm older I will have laugh lines to show my enjoyment in life.

I know some of these make me sound gritchy, but the people they are aimed at are stretching my nerves. Lol.


  1. Is it strange that I can identify, not by name, but by relationship, almost every person you're addressing?


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