Monday, March 12, 2012's not a bad word

I don’t know about anyone else, but I get my best thinking done when I am cleaning. Yesterday while washing dishes a thought popped into my head about brattyness. The differences of opinion some people have on the term bratty and just exactly where my thought is. Like always, it was pretty much in line with what my Daddy Monster considers cute and fun. Go figure…

When trying to explain it to him, I told him that I do consider myself a brat, but not in a bad way. I get my moments where I am so mischievous and probably a little delinquent.  All it takes is that one look, sometimes followed by a loud, harsh sounding snap. It gets my attention and I tone it down. But most of the time what I do doesn’t bother him. I know a lot of people probably think I spend a lot of time in trouble. I don’t, I know my limit and how far I can play around before his “okay, it’s time to stop” comes out. I rarely ever get punished for my behavior. I get cheeky, I stick my tongue out, I shake my booty at him, and give him the I dare you look. All of it is done with a smile on my face and a twinkle in my eye. He knows I don’t mean anything in it.

So I am a brat, but I am a very careful brat. I don’t run over him or forget who the one in control is. Some people might think it’s topping from the bottom, bad behavior, or not very submissive of me. It might  even be offensive to some. Buuuut, I don’t do that stuff in front of most people. I honestly do believe, that how I behave does have a reflection of my Daddy. He’s the one that teaches and guides and if I am a tyrant to other people, well, it would look bad on him. So I might be a goofy little prankster at times, but for the most part, I know when I can be and when I shouldn't be.

I think there is a difference in brattyness and flat out disobedience. I might joke around and tell him no on occasion, but I still do it. I might say, "make me" when he says to do something, but it’s usually as I am actually doing what he asked me to do. I don’t do those things when I know he isn’t having one of those high patience days. I can read him and know when it is okay to be a bit defiant and when I need to be on my very best behavior.

I don’t really believe that brat equates bad sub, but that’s just my opinion and you know what people say about opinions...

Originally Written: Dec. 2010


  1. Being bratty scares me. I read some of the boards on FL and I think - "Oh my goo'ness!" I'd never do that stuff to my Daddy. Sometimes we talk about that and he says he doesn't really see me as bratty, and mischievous is okay. And the longer we're together, I do feel myself loosening up tiny bit by tiny bit.

    I agree 1000%, how I behave in public is a direct reflection on my Daddy. He is highly regarded, and I won't be responsible for that being diminished. It is vitally important to me personally that Daddy can be proud that I am his little girl, and proud that I am his woman.

    No is another thing - it is not physically possible for me to say those words to him. And I feel guilty when I question him - he said I should change my avatar and I said why & got this immediate pang of guilt & apologized for not doing it right away. He just laughed, but it bothered me, lol (yes I DO got it bad, lol)

    But I don't see you as bratty either. Brat has a negative connotation.I would never count you in the company of the people I do see as bratty. I see you as mischievous and fun. (Daddy agrees, but he says you could still probably use a spanking....don't worry - he says that about everyone...rolls

  2. Lol, saying no, is just one of those things. I will run my mouth and joke about him not being the boss of me. But, it's all in a playful way. I have never told him no and meant it when he asked me to do something. He knows me well enough to know that I just like ruffling his feathers.

    He says, I'm not really a brat. I am more...his favorite nightmare. I've asked him on numerous occasions if he wanted me to stop. Each time is answered with a huge, "Oh, he** NO!" He says if I stopped being that way, I wouldn't be the girl he loves.

    Hehe, I will never turn down a Monster spanking. He says my punishment is no spanks, that gets my attention better. Lol

    1. *wonders if I'll get sassy enough at some future point to tease like that.....though I've been kinda....extra mischievous the last couple days, lol*

      Nah, I know - I can tell it's all just playing, and I really enjoy listening to your stories. Sounds a lot like Daddy & me & it's nice to have someone who more or less understands your dynamic - makes it easier to talk :D

      lol - I told Daddy that & asked if he'd ever do that to me & he promised no (yay!) cause that would be one of the worst fates ever!

    2. I have been...decent the past couple days. The biggest thing was the segway/anteater debate. He finally just threw his hands up and sighed real big. I told him I took that as a "we'll talk about this later" response. He stared at me with those "Daddy" eyes. It's a discussion for a later date.

      Haha, but see with no spankies, you think you are getting away with stuff. Then he counts on his fingers what all you did during the day. And asks if you think you deserve a spanking. Then you go, "oh pooh, I thought you forgot about all those" *sweet and innocent smile* lol

  3. Haha - that doesn't work with Daddy - he says, oh, but the spanking was implied - *sigh*

    1. Lol, Monster just started doinv the no spankies here recently. He says it will be worth it. So I say, okay you tha boss. Lol


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