Sunday, March 11, 2012

What being a Daddy's/little girl means to me

What being a little girl/Daddy’s girl means to me…

Being a Daddy’s girl means love, cuddles, kisses, and hugs. Feeling safe and protected, while learning more about myself. It helps to heal my heart in ways I never thought possible. I know I can trust that every decision he makes, is with my best interest at heart. I can learn and grow and not be criticized when I don’t do something right. He is here to love me, all of me, and mold me. Mold me into a person that he and I are both proud of. He brings out all the things that I supressed for a very long time. He calls to the little girl inside of me and cradles her with his big strong hands.

Daddy is there, when no one else is. He knows when I crave different things. When I need spanks, when I need gentle guidance, or when I just need my binx and a stuffie. Being little means that I can enjoy life, the way I see it. Bright and vibrant with millions of things to discover. It means having moments of deviance and being smiled at instead of scolded out of anger. It’s my freedom. When I can break dwn my walls and show my Daddy my soul. What I am on the inside.

Being little means being carried when I stumble and fall, being led when I want or need to learn the way, and followed when it’s better for me to go it alone. It means learning for myself and having someone to cheer me on. Being cherished for what I am and can become. He’s always there when I need his reassurance and praises me on jobs well done. It’s being treated like his little princess, but knowing he is still the king.

Being little is love. Unconditional and pure.


  1. Beautiful! And perfectly stated. Daddies, well, good ones,do seem to know us better than we know ourselves, and anticipate our needs. And they are our biggest cheerleaders.

    I loved this line: "and followed when it’s better for me to go it alone". Because when you need to exert independence,he'll let you do it, but will be right there if you stumble.

    It is amazing to experience. I wouldn't trade being Daddy's girl for anything in this world.

  2. Thank ya! :)

    It's a wonderful feeling, knowing if/when I have to do something on my own, he's still with me in thought. And there is always the afterwards. After all is said and done, I can share my thoughts and feelings of the experience with him.

    I wouldn't trade it either. It's a love like no other. :)


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