Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Countdown to 30

I am getting these up later than I had meant to. My plan was to do them each day of the month until my birthday. Since I have such a cruddy attention span, I am doing 9 days instead of 30 days of 30 things until my 30th birthday...yeah, it more than likely wouldn't have gotten done if I did 30 days. We saw how well my 30 Days of Submission went.

So I present to you, a countdown short enough for my attention span.

Since I am already 3 days behind, I will get each one posted individually and then hopefully stay up to date with them. A girl can dream, right. Here's the list of 9 days worth of 30 things til I'm 30.

1. 30 things you don't know about me
2. 30 things that freak me out
3. 30 songs I absolutely adore
4. 30 books that suck me in
5. 30 kinks that make me happy
6. 30 words that describe me
7. 30 things that make me smile
8. 30 quotes that describe me best
9. 30 lessons I have learned throughout my life

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