Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Day Two: 30 Things That Freak Me Out

    1. Hearing the words...we need to talk.
    2. Ceiling fans. I always think they are going to crash down on my head and impale me somehow.
    3. One word: needles
    4. Driving by semi trucks.
    5. Myself
    6. Snakes
    7. Spiders and other creepy crawly kinds of bugs.
    8. Clowns
    9. Sitting in the middle of aisle seats
    10. Heights
    11. Dentists
    12. Bridges
    13. The Dark
    14. Closed in spaces
    15. The thought of never being good enough.
    16. People I don't know hugginv me.
      17. The sight of blood.
    This is harder than I thought!
      18. People who have an aggressive nature.
      19. Flying. More turbulence, than the flying.
      20. Myself. I know, it's already been listed. But I freak myself out a lot.
      21. The thoughg of Monster getting tired of me and leaving.
      22. Being in a crowd of people.
      23. A roomful of people I don't know.
      24. Talking to people I don't know.
      25. Seeing people or animals that are hurt.
      26. Getting stuck in an elevator.
      27. Dark rooms.
      28. Mirrors in bathrooms. (I have no clue why)
      29. Houses that don't give off a happy vibe.
      30. Going inside of the shed. It's the creepy, crawly hideout. Plenty of hiding places for numbers 6 and 7.


  1. 28. Mirrors in bathrooms= too many scary movies!

  2. Lol, waaaaay too many scary movies. But I love 'em! :)


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